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June/July/August 2015 newsletter

  • Did you #speakcornish between the 4th and 13th July? All week there were events happening across Cornwall and many opportunities to speak Cornish online and in the real world.
    Image of The Cornish Store window display.
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  • At the end of July we shall be saying goodbye to Matt Blewett, who has been working in the Maga office for the past 18 months.
    Image of Matt Blewett
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  • An update from Cllr. German, Cabinet member for Economy and Culture, and Julie Seyler, Culture Programme Manager on changes to the MAGA office.
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  • ‘Following swiftly on the heels of Speak Cornish week, MAGA is delighted to announce that over a thousand people have now signed up to Say Something in Cornish.
    Image of SSiC logo
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  • Radyo an Gernewegva is calling learners of Cornish and recommending the radio to them as an opportunity to immerse themselves in the language every week.
    Image of Radyo an Gernewegva logo.
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  • Cornish speakers from all over Cornwall, England and parts of Europe met up again at the Sandy Lodge Hotel in Newquay in the middle of April for the annual Cornish Language weekend organised by Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek.
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  • There will be a Teachers' Day organised by Kesva an Taves Kernewek. Date 10th October 2015; venue: Grenville Room, Lys Kernow.
    Image of the Kesva an Taves Kernewek logo.
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  • Do you want to buy your drink at a Yeth an Werin without having to resort to speaking English at the bar?
    Image of Dee Hunt at The Star Inn, Porkellis.
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  • Gorsedh Kernow announced the winners of the annual Holyer an Gof competition at a prestigious Awards ceremony held on Tuesday 14th July at Waterstones of Truro.
    Image of HaG cup award presentation 2015.
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  • Cornish folktales, from the Liskerrett Centre HLF droll telling project, MAZED, were shortlisted for the Kieran Hegarty Award for Innovation at this year’s Celtic Media Festival in Inverness.
    Image of Will Coleman and Bill Chubb.
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  • One of the (many) jobs that MAGA does is to collate press reports about the language.
    Screenshot of the BBC Spotlight clip.
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  • It’s time once again for the Maga conference, which will be held, as announced in the last newsletter, on 30th May in County Hall.
    Image of the 2014 MAGA conference.
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  • MAGA has been awarded £34,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund to explore and share untold stories of the Cornish revival.
    HLF logo image
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  • On Saturday the 18th of April Mike presented a paper at a conference organised by Falmouth University titled Contrasting images of Henry Jenner: the science of linguistics and a post-modern sensibility towards cultural revival.
    Images of Henry Jenner
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  • Congratulations The Changing Room, and congratulations Cornwall!
    Image of The Changing Room with a trophy.
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  • Matthi ab Dewi is publishing a collection of his new songs online in an attempt to get Cornish speakers to discover his musical works.
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  • Glasney College field will host a fun day on May 4th. There are lots of activities starting at 10am including a parade led by Bagas Crowd.
    Image of Glasney May Day poster
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  • In March we welcomed the news that the government has agreed to allocate £150,000 to fund Cornish for another year.
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