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September 2015 newsletter

  • As we reported in the last issue of Kevren, as part of the re-structure around the support infrastructure for the Cornish language, there will be a twice-yearly Language Forum established.
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  • The second research conference for Cornish will take place on 24th/25th September at the Penryn Campus, Tremough with thanks to the Institute of Cornish Studies for organising it.
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  • Every three years it is necessary for members of Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek to elect new members of the Cornish Language Board. The next election will be in the coming year.
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  • Cornwall Film Festival (CFF) have licenced the Tyskennow Kernow programme from Western Light Pictures.
    Image of the Tyskennow Kernow 1 DVD cover.
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  • We would like to congratulate all those who were initiated as language bards this month or who were the recipients of prizes or awards for their work in or for Cornish.
    Image of new Grand Bard Merv Davey.
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  • Redruth Town Mayor opens new shop for all things Cornish.
    Image of the ribbon cutting ceremony.
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  • With classes across Cornwall about to reopen this September, there couldn’t be a better time to start learning Cornish.
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  • Benjamin Zephaniah calls for Welsh and Cornish to be taught in schools in England.
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  • Did you #speakcornish between the 4th and 13th July? All week there were events happening across Cornwall and many opportunities to speak Cornish online and in the real world.
    Image of The Cornish Store window display.
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