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August 2014 newsletter

  • The results of the Cornish Language Board's examinations have been published. It is great to see that 50 candidates were successful this year, students from the length and breadth of Cornwall, and from London, Brittany and Germany.
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  • Maga’s #speakcornish week was a great success! The main aim of the week was simply to encourage people to use whatever Cornish language that they know, and this was achieved many times over.
    Image of the Speak Cornish Week poster
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  • For the last couple of years MAGA has run a successful conversation weekend at Tregedna.
    Image of YHA Boswinger
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  • If you took part in, or heard about, #speakcornish week please complete a feedback form.
    Image of the Learn Cornish Now feedback page
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  • What is with these “#” then? Last November, MAGA undertook a swift user survey and found that the most popular place for people to use Cornish was online, especially on social media like Facebook and Twitter.
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  • #speakcornish week was aimed at encouraging people to use Cornish and so MAGA was thrilled when businesses came on board with their own activities and linked them to this campaign.
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  • A short course giving a comprehensive introduction to the Cornish language and its history will be given by former Grand Bard Mick Paynter as part of the Bewnans Kernow Penwith Points of View project in Madron.
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  • One of the many points of interest to emerge from #speakcornish week was the sheer number of people willing to engage with Cornish.
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  • On 5th July, 800 Brownies and 300 Leaders from Cornwall were gathered at the Royal Cornwall Showground to celebrate the 100th birthday of the Brownie Guides.
    Image of the Brownie centenary celebrations.
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  • In case you missed it, The Cornish Language Research Network is a collaborative venture set up by Cornwall College, the Institute of Cornish Studies and MAGA, the Cornish Language Development Office.
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  • As part of the open day for Teagles of Blackwater, Truro, on 5th July members of Agan Tavas, the Camborne Cornish class and Matthew Clarke, reporter from 'Radyo an Gernewegva' the Cornish on-line radio station, were shown around the agricultural machinery factory through the medium of the Cornish language.
    Image of Agan Tavas at Teagles
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  • Gorsedh Kernow have been very busy recently. First the winners of the annual Holyer an Gof competition were announced at a prestigious awards ceremony held at Waterstones in Truro on Tuesday 15th July.
    Image of the 2014 Holyer an Gof winners.
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  • MAGA is proud to support and partner a new project led by Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek who were awarded Heritage Lottery funding in order to carry out a two-year project in Cornwall focussing on Cornish language in the landscape and in family names.
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  • One aspect of #speakcornish week was aimed to mark one year of and celebrate the expected total of 40,000 visitors to the site.
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  • Cornwall College, the Institute of Cornish Studies and MAGA have joined together to set up a new research network for Cornish.
    Image of the Cornish research network poster
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  • Golden Tree Productions have produced a new play that includes parts entirely in Cornish. Gogmagog is their contemporary reworking of the ancient Cornish creation myth, which reveals a timeless story of conflict, survivors and asylum-seeking.
    Image of the GogMagog banner.
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