Personal Use

There are lots of ways in which you can use Cornish in your personal life, from naming your house, children or pets in Cornish through to going out to an informal gathering of Cornish speakers in a pub or attending a language weekend.

Cornish is a living language and is used by an increasing number of individuals and families in their everyday life.  See how you could use it in your life!

  • The number of Cornish language resources is constantly growing. Here you can find the most popular Cornish phrases and resources to help you use the Cornish language.
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  • Here you can find some frequently requested translations of useful phrases in Cornish.
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  • Have you picked up one of the MAGA Pocket Guides and want to know how to pronounce the phrases in it?
    Animals in Cornish Pocket Guide
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  • Informal Pub Gatherings
    Yeth an Werin
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  • An excellent way of immersing yourself in Cornish is to attend a Language Weekend.
    Walk in Seaton Valley
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  • Cornish language Fun Days are held across Cornwall at different times of the year and are organised by various language organisations.
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  • There are several magazines available in Cornish:
    An Gowsva
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  • There are a number of ways to listen to Cornish language radio, both through Radio Cornwall and online.
    Elizabeth Stewart
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  • There is a healthy Cornish film industry and there is interest among film makers in Cornwall to make films in the Cornish language.
    Konin ha Pryv
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  • Downloadable, printable diaries and calendars are available here.
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