Basic Cornish Phrasebook

Here you can find some frequently requested translations of useful phrases in Cornish.

Yeth an Werin Truru

Each section also has a sound file where you can hear how the words are pronounced.

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Dydh da! Hello!
Ha sos! 'Right mate!
Myttin da! Good morning!
Dohajydh da! Good afternoon!
Gorthuher da! Good evening!
Fatla genes? How are you?
Pur dha, meur ras. Very well, thanks.
Da lowr, meur ras. Ok, thanks.
Ha ty? And you?

Greetings audio file


Dha weles! See you! (to one person)
Agas gweles! See you! (to more than one person)
Duw genes! Goodbye! (to one person)
Duw genowgh hwi! Goodbye! (to more than one person)
Nos da! Good night!

Goodbyes audio file

P's and Q's

Mar pleg Please
Meur ras Thank you
Gav dhymm Excuse me
Mynnav Yes please
Na vynnav No thanks

P's and Q's audio file


Sira hweg Dear Sir
Benvas hweg Dear Madam
(Man's name) ker Dear (man's name)
(Woman's name) ger Dear (woman's name)
Yn lel Yours sincerely
Gans gorhemynadow a'n gwella With best wishes
Oll an gwella All the best

Correspondence audio file

Greetings cards 

Penn bloodh Lowen! Happy Birthday!
Nadelik Lowen! Merry Christmas!
Bledhen Nowyth Da! Happy New Year!
Gool Peran Lowen! Happy St Piran's Day!
Pask Lowen! Happy Easter!
Dy'gol Mammow Lowen! Happy Mothers' Day!
Penn-bloodh Demedhyans Lowen! Happy Wedding Anniversary!
Keslowena! Congratulations!
Chons da! Good Luck!
Bydh Gwell yn Skon! Get Well Soon!
Keskalar Gwir Sincere Condolence
Gans Kerensa With Love

Greetings cards audio file

Phrases for Businesses

Gwrys yn Kernow Made in Cornwall
... a'gas Dynnergh Welcome to ...
Ygor Open
Deges Closed
Privedhyow Toilets
Gwer Gents
Benenes Ladies

Phrases for Businesses audio file

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