Maga and various groups produce more resources all of the time to help you learn and use Cornish more often.

Image of KankerThe available resources listed here are growing all of the time. As well as the resources which Maga provides, new resources are regularly produced by other groups. Most of these are produced by our partner organisations, including the Cornish language groups.

Click on one of the following links to find out about some of the resources that are available in Cornish.

Bookmark this page and visit it often to see what's new.  There should be things to interest you whatever your age and help you gain a few words of Cornish or improve the knowledge you have already.

  • Maga produces resources to help you learn and use Cornish. These include promotional products, items for sale, and online tools and resources.
    Maga Resources
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  • From children's books to dictionaries, historical texts to modern poetry, you can find them all here.
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  • The number of Cornish language resources is constantly growing. Here you can find the most popular Cornish phrases and resources to help you use the Cornish language.
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  • The Cornish language is constantly producing more content in various different media.
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  • Whether you prefer word based learning games or classic reaction games this section should contain something for everyone.
    Pedrek Geryow
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