Kernow a'gas Dynnergh
Or for those of you not yet fluent in Cornish, 'Welcome to Cornwall'

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  • News open quote Tregedna Est
    Ok so you haven’t managed to get to a Tregedna week-end yet and you know from others that you are missing out on taking your Cornish to a new level. Don’t despair there is always TREGEDNA EST. News close quote
  • News open quote Want to #speakcornish?
    Following the phenomenally successful #speakcornish week in July, MAGA is now encouraging everyone to learn a few more words in Cornish! News close quote
  • News open quote Did you #speakcornish?
    Maga’s #speakcornish week was a great success! The main aim of the week was simply to encourage people to use whatever Cornish language that they know, and this was achieved many times over. News close quote
  • News open quote New Research Network
    Cornwall College, the Institute of Cornish Studies and MAGA have joined together to set up a new research network for Cornish. News close quote