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Do you want to start learning Cornish? Introduce it in your school? Find out what resources are available? Need support in learning or teaching?

Children learning Cornish

This section will give you the information you need and news about new initiatives as they happen. It will also link you to other Cornish Language sites with relevant information.

If you want to learn then the first few links below are for you. If you are a teacher then scroll down further to see MAGA’s work in education, and how we can help you.

  • Online Learning - Maga helps you learn online. Browse the full range of free courses and audio-visual learning resources. Find the right way to learn Cornish for you.
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  • Find a Cornish class near you! Here is a comprehensive list of services including formal and informal classes, discussion groups and fun events across Cornwall and beyond!
    Cornwall College
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  • Maga, working with the tried and tested Say Something in Welsh, and have produced Say Something in Cornish. This is a listening and speaking only course that is totally free. Join more than 600 people who have already signed up!
    Say Soimething in Cornish
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  • Maga can help support your learning whether it is formal or casual, and at whatever age you are.
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  • MAGA is helping build the capacity of schools to deliver more learning opportunities than ever before.
    Secondary School
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  • An increasing number of primary schools now offer children the opportunity to learn Cornish.
    Primary School
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  • There is an undisputed case for learning additional languages in early years. Choosing Cornish provides access to MAGA’s extra training and support. MAGA can enhance learning experiences through a sense of place..
    Kyn Skol
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  • A new university level course is running from April 2015 that aims to encourage and support practitioners working with young children to help them to introduce the Cornish language into their settings.
    Cornwall College Logo
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  • Teaching Cornish – if you already teach Cornish or are thinking of starting a class then click here to join the teachers association.
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  • Maga worked with Links into Languages to produce teaching resources in the LinkedUp Project: Kernewek rag oll – Cornish for all.
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  • Click on one of the following links to find out about some of the resources that are available in Cornish.
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