Strategic Tenancy Policy


The Strategic Tenancy Policy sets out the broad objectives that social landlords in Cornwall should have regard to when setting their own tenancy policies. The document includes information on the types of tenancy that can be issued to tenants and other related matters.

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The Policy has been prepared with our Partners who have contributed tow the final version. Whilst drawing up the policy we have tried to strike a balance between the experience of social landlords currently operating in Cornwall and the need for a robust set of principles that any new social landlord setting up in Cornwall can use as guidance.

The Strategic Tenancy Policy was prepared in April 2012 and after consultation was formally approved by the Council in November 2012.


A full public consultation was undertaken in mid 2012 over a twelve week period and the responses to the draft Strategic Tenancy Policy were considered by the Council’s Informal Housing Task Group on 12 November 2012 before a final report was discussed at the Communities Overview and Scrutiny Committee on 29 November 2012. The policy was finalised and approved at this meeting.