Healthy Weight Strategy

Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly’s Core Healthy Weight Group have asked Public Health to develop a Healthy Weight strategy. This strategy will be applicable to the whole of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly and this consultation invites you to contribute to it.

Where are we now

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68.4% of adults and 26.8% of children aged 4/5 years were either overweight or obese in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly in 2015/16. This is significantly higher than England, and there is no evidence of a reversal in this trend.

There is a broad consensus for a whole systems approach to tackle obesity, reflecting that obesity is a complex problem. This approach requires multiple coordinated actions to change the food, physical activity and social environments from ‘obesogenic’ to ones which promote a healthy weight. 

Have your say on the draft strategy 

The proposed healthy weight strategy considers a systems approach. This is used to increase the number of adults, children and families who are a healthy weight by 2022. It is divided into 3 themes with actions across the sectors and life course for each theme:

  • Healthy weight environment considers population approaches to improve the food environment to promote a healthy weight
  • Supporting people to achieve and maintain a healthy weight focuses on ensuring there is a range of safe, evidence based weight management interventions
  • Working with professionals and partners to promote a healthy weight considers upskilling the workforce to talk about weight, and working with partners to develop a whole systems approach

The healthy weight strategy will be closely aligned with the physical activity strategy with integrated action plans to achieve our shared objectives.

The consultation closes on Monday 13 November at 12 noon. Your feedback will be used to influence the next draft of this strategy, which is due to be presented to the Health and Wellbeing board in January 2018. The next stage will be to develop an implementation plan to ensure that our collective views lead to action for improvement.