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This area of the website has been developed to provide Planning Agents who regularly submit planning applications to Cornwall Council information from the Planning and Sustainable Development Service. If you think anything is missing or have any feedback please email

Current number of working days to validate a general planning application


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Current number of working days to validate a householder planning application


The number of days quoted is indicative of when most applications are validated, some applications may be processed earlier or later.

The Planning and Sustainable Development Services Fees and Charges document sets out the planning fees which apply from 1 April 2018.

A decision has been made to increase discretionary planning fees (see pages 8 – 21 and page 41 to 42 of the above document) by approximately 5%  with effect from 1 April, 2018 (please note that the increase does not apply to Statutory Planning application charges). 

The Planning and Sustainable Development Service offers an optional Validation Checking Service subject to a fee. We currently receive a high volume of planning applications that do not meet the local and national validation requirements and our intention is to reduce this amount and help speed up the process for our customers. Please see the Validation Checking Service page for details including fees and how to access the service.

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