Designated Teachers

The designated teacher should have lead responsibility for helping school staff understand the things which affect how looked after children learn and achieve.  The designated teacher should:

  • promote a culture of high expectations and aspirations for how looked after children learn
  • make sure the young person has a voice in setting learning targets
  • be a source of advice for staff about differentiated teaching strategies appropriate for individual children and in making full use of Assessment for Learning
  • make sure that looked after children are prioritised in one-to-one tuition arrangements that carers understand the importance of supporting learning at home
  • have lead responsibility for the development and implementation of the child’s personal education plan (PEP) within the school
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The following documents are available to support you in your work within Children in Care in your school. 

Electronic Personal Education Plan (ePEP) Welfare Call

From September the Virtual School are moving to an electronic, web-based PEP system with Welfare Call.

The ePEP system is a secure website only accessible to users authorised by the Virtual school using their own unique passwords.  The system is available 24/7 on any device.  The system displays forms which have been designed around the Cornwall paper PEP. Once the initial PEP has been completed, certain fields will prepopulate on future PEPs. This not only saves time but also ensures that there is an accurate school history. 

Each section of the PEP is identified by colour and initial to show who is required to complete it. This therefore allows for more accurate quality assuring and accountability.  Once the PEP has been held and the document complete, the system will notify the Virtual School of completion. Finally action of quality assurance and Pupil Premium Plus can be carried out.

One of the main benefits of the system is that data reports can be exported using live data. Therefore 100% accuracy and notification of out of date PEPs can be used by all to improve efficiency.  The system will notify the worker, young person's school and the Virtual School of the PEP, upcoming date and action required. 

If you have any queries please contact Lou Hufford, PEP Co-ordinator at 

Complete a PEP