Data and Statistics

The Data and Statistics Team

The Directorate Support Team (Data and Statistics) assist with the identification, collection and provision of statistical information relevant to the planning, monitoring and evaluation functions of the Education and Early Years Service including close working with schools to support their evaluation and inspection responsibilities. The team's work is guided by the partnership Primary and Secondary School Data Groups and the requirements of the Directorate line with the Data Sharing Protocol between the Local Authority and Cornwall's schools.

The team manages Data Collections (statutory and optional) on behalf of the Local Authority (LA), which are validated prior to submission to the Department for Education (DfE), Ofsted and the Standards and Testing Agency (STA). These include:

  • Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFSP)
  • Key Stage Assessments
  • School Census
  • School Workforce Census

We aim to maintain the quality of data collections through rigorous planning, validation and quality assurance.  The volume of these collections relate to approximately 70,000 pupil records termly (three times per year) for the School Census; and up to 1/2 million assessment and examination results across six annual collections; as well as approximately 30,000 pupil records in the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile, Year 1 and 2 Phonics, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 collections respectively.

School Data Support for school staff including Question Level SATs Breakdown Sheets, RAISEonline Information and Guidance, P Scales Data Collection and Analysis Optional Exercise, Early Years Foundation Stage Profile (EYFSP) Data Guidance, Fischer Family Trust (FFT) Estimate Analyses, Pupil Tracking. 

  • Pathways Through the Data for both primary and secondary 
  • RAISEonline (DfE and Ofsted) - background and training materials
  • Fischer Family Trust (FFT) Estimate Analyses - background and training materials
  • Literacy and Numeracy SATs Breakdown Sheets - primary schools only
  • Early Years Foundation Stage Profile (EYFSP) - data guidance - primary schools only

Corestats is a secure website containing school and pupil performance analyses as well as local contextual information, for schools in Cornwall.  

Corestats is provided and maintained by the Data and Statistics Team. It is a single sign on with your existing School Messenger account and allows viewing of individual pupil level analyses beside school level reports. You must have access to School Messenger to use Corestats.  Your headteacher can agree access to staff with responsibility for data, pupil tracking and self evaluation. This can include data managers, assessment coordinators, governors or Assistant and Deputy Heads with data responsibility. Again with the Headteacher agreed access, this site will allow access to those working with your school (eg Associate Consultants).

The analyses produced by the Team are also available to and used by a range of LA staff in their support of schools and school effectiveness.  The Team provides support to assist these officers and schools to understand and interpret data, to identify issues from evidence and to identify areas for improvement and targeting of resources.

The Statistics Team also provides support in the specialist assessment software and systems used locally and nationally. Ofsted and DfE have introduced systems such as RAISEonline for monitoring pupil achievement and progress that they use in the inspection process in relation to accountability. We support schools and LA officers in using and making the most of these systems, the support is focused not only on using the system but in the interpretation of the data. We provide specialist support at LA and school level in using systems and data:

We also support the LA in the use and updating of the Hometrack GIS Software (Datamap) for geographical analysis, which includes automated home-to-school distance calculations essential to admissions and transfers and coding pupils to school catchments for pupil forecasting.

Services provided by the Data and Statistics Team are available to purchase through their Service Level Agreement.  You can view the summary and full details