Donating and depositing items

The Archives and Cornish Studies Service collects and preserves records and publications that enhance the knowledge of Cornwall and people from Cornwall. We would love to hear from anyone who has material they would like to add to our collections.

Due to our forthcoming move to Kresen Kernow we are limited in the amount of material we can currently accept. Records at risk and new publications are being prioritised. However, we would really like to hear from potential depositors to get information on any material we can expect to receive in future and are happy to offer advice to anyone looking after records.

CRO collects archives for organisations, businesses, industries, estates, clubs and societies, churches and religious groups, public and private institutions, families, individuals and other activities.

We are keen to hear from anyone who holds records relating to a family, village, group or workplace or has responsibility for records of an organisation and are interested in adding these to the Kresen Kernow collections. We would particularly like to hear about material which may be at risk e.g. when an organisation closes down or individual passes away.

Material can be donated as a gift (ownership transferred to Cornwall Council) or deposited on long term loan (ownership retained by depositor and their legal successors subject to our terms and conditions of deposit).

The term ‘documents’ incorporates hand-written manuscripts, printed records, maps, plans, drawings and photographs, and also oral recordings, computer generated records, film, tape and digital records, providing that appropriate facilities are available for their specialist requirements for storage and consultation.

If you are interested in adding material to our collections or would like further information please contact us using the details on this page. Please do not bring anything to the Record Office without getting in touch first.

The CSL aims to acquire at least one copy of every new publication relating to Cornwall, including those by Cornish authors.

Our definition of a 'publication' is broad, and includes conventional hardback and paperback books, pamphlets and booklets, serials (newspapers, newsletters, magazines, journals, annual reports), maps and charts, audio-visual recordings and mixed media packs (e.g. a booklet with information cards, a map or CDROM). 

Authors and publishers are invited to donate a copy of any new publication to the CSL to add to our collections. This will ensure the work is available for study and preservation within Cornwall.

We also welcome donations of these, photographic images and rare older publications.

If you are interested in adding material to the CSL collections or would like further information please contact us by email at or telephone 01209 216760.