Equality and diversity

Foreword from the Leader and the Chief Executive of Cornwall Council

We are proud to have adopted a Cornwall Council Equality and Diversity Framework. This Framework will help us deliver our challenging and ambitious improvement programme.   You can also view an Easy Read and summarised version of the corporate equality and diversity framework

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We have also produced a wallet-sized Z-Card which contains all the summarised information from the Framework. You can print the Z-card off on A4 paper at any printer.

We take great pride in Cornwall, as it is a place of outstanding natural environment and strong communities.  We have strong relationships with our partners which will stand us in good stead to develop, support and deliver good public services.

Cornwall has a unique and special culture heritage. An increasing number of people describe themselves as Cornish and it is important in all our equality and diversity work that we actively recognise Cornish as a minority group and continue to support the Cornish Language and the Cornish indigenous culture.

Cornwall is changing and the diversity, needs and requirements of its communities are shifting.

It is crucial that the Council reflects this diversity but also ensures that all of our citizens have equal access to and equal outcomes from our services and equality of opportunity in gaining jobs within the council and in their subsequent career development.

We are committed to equality of opportunity and the Framework sets out how we will promote this through our political leadership and management structures. We also know that policies are only as good as the actions which come out of them: We will measure the impact and effectiveness of the Equality and Diversity Framework and its associated policies so that you can be sure we keep our promises.

We will also make sure that our employees and members take responsibility for putting the Framework into practice in the short and long term.

The framework is an evolving document. We will continue to consult on its ambitions and its implementation and will regularly review and update its content. We will tell you about our progress.

Cllr John Pollard, The Leader of Council, Cornwall Council

Chief Executive, Cornwall Council

Cornwall council expects its staff and elected members to put in place its commitment and organisational values by:

  • Ensuring acceptable behaviour and modelling best practice
  • Responding to complaints and incidents in a positive and pro-active way
  • Providing access to services, facilities and information
  • Recruiting and employing people fairly
  • Meeting specific needs (i.e. Cornwall’s rural needs) -*