The Nippers' Nutrition Programme

We have some exciting news! Nippers’ Nutrition is changing

We are delighted to announce that this year we will be focussing on developing our programme to incorporate nutrition, physical activity, and dental health, accident prevention, emotional health & wellbeing and much more! Therefore we are currently taking no new members whilst we are undergoing work to improve the programme.

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Why are we changing?

Nippers’ needed to change to ensure we are offering the most effective support. We know that settings and parents express concerns about the wellbeing of children.  What happens during the first five years of life is a significant predictor of future life outcomes. Good health in the early years is important, not just for the wellbeing of the child in the short term, but also because of its influence on school readiness and therefore future life chances.

Will the award still be free?

Our support will be available to all Early Years providers. Our tools and useful resources, including our website, will, of course, remain free to access at any time.

Overall, our aim is to work collaboratively and flexibly with settings and partners to offer a good, effective programme, up to date information and resources, support and signposting. We will be working closely with settings as the new model is introduced, to ensure it is working well. Feedback and suggestions will be very welcome to help ensure we are meeting our aims.

We are still here if you need support

While we are busy improving the programme we will go quiet for a few months, but we will still be available for help and advice should you need any support with your menus. We hope to officially launch the revised programme criteria in September / October 2017.

Please feel free to contact us at this time for an application to the new programme.

We would really welcome your thoughts and so please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. 

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